March 2024 Full Moon Update

Monday, March 25, 12:00 am-pt

This Equinox Moon brings with it a penumbral eclipse, a phase where the moon passes through the outer edges of the earth’s shadow. We are at the beginning of a very long and important eclipse cycle, a significant time of transformation. It’s the perfect moment to look upon how you are behaving in relationships with others and most importantly, with yourself.

A big opportunity has arrived! Mars has shifted into Pieces providing space to honesty review what you are manifesting. The next six weeks is brilliant energy for growth to stop “doing” and embrace “Being” yourself moment to moment. Now is a time of expansion. Move forward with a spiritual practice you may be resisting!

I want to see and this will be the means by which I will succeed.(ACIM, W-85.1:7)

The full moon eclipse opens the way to explore your inner truth.Equinox brings forward extreme power for clearing the biggest blockages holding back your best life. I’ve just experienced a huge shift of knowing myself more deeply, assisted by the Miracle energy surrounding us.

This worm moon uncovers important shadows holding back your happiness. Grievances, regardless of size, will completely block your well-being. Taking an inventory of the grievances you are holding, about yourself and of others, is very worthwhile right now.

Although, we are well trained at blaming others for what we experience, the truth is grievance and judgment is simply an effect of personal perception. Accepting the criticisms you have created, facilitates healing as you allow yourself to see each one.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes, (Smokey quartz optional)Think about someone close to you. Allow a grievance you’re holding to surface and show itself. Use this moon’s energy to forgive each grievance that rises up. You invented them, so YOU have the power to move them.

As soon as you see one, gently stay with the feeling for a moment. Then use your breath as you feel yourself let go into the miracle of this moon’s energy… and repeat as you work through your list. Be sure to focus on the grievances you have with yourself! This is a beautiful step on your path to Self Love.

The practice of believing in grievances is at the core of all anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. The universe is offering support to change the way you experience the world. Your happiness is not impacted by anything happening outside of you. It’s your perceptions that keep you locked in suffering, or elevate your experience of Love. When shall you choose only Love?

Perhaps you do not yet fully realize just what holding grievances does to your mind. (ACIM, W-68.1:5)

Peace & Love, Rev. Coleen


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