When we join together, we are unlocking the human capacity for universal awakening. I am here to help you uncover your unique path of living a joyful life.

Hi, I’m Rev. Coleen Doucette, I opened this healing practice in 2010 by following my truth. And what an adventure! Every day is full of happiness because of the extraordinary people I am privileged to work with. YOU are amazing and it’s an honour to support you.

Below you will see my areas of study and training. The most important gift I have to offer you is faith. I believe in you, completely. You have exactly what you need to know unwavering joy. Together, we have the opportunity to uncover your passion and embrace your whole self.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people and animals navigate the challenges our man-made, egocentric world creates. Spiritual practice leads my way of life to unite truth with the joy of each day. I am blessed to share the connection of divine universal energy in all that I do.

Working with the natural consciousness of your Will, I’ll help you open to your authentic self. Truly understanding who you are is a cherished Path of Peace. Inside each of us is the light of loving creation!

Rev. Coleen is a Minister of Metaphysical Science, student of A Course In Miracles, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner, graced with abilities to share sacred wisdom.

She practices spiritual coaching and energy healing as a way of life and has unique gifts to interact with divine realms of natural energy. Coleen’s access to a broad range of life force pathways supports the deepening of her client’s understanding of themselves and the wholeness of our united evolution.

Minister of Metaphysical Science

Certified Professional Coach

A Course In Miracles Student

Crystal Energy Practitioner

Certified Animal Communicator

Reiki Master, Usui & Karuna Holy Fire III

Canadian Reiki Assoc. Registered Practitioner/Teacher

International Reiki Assoc. Affiliate Member

Certified Professional Mediator

Licensed Service Officiant

Light shall be my guide today. I will follow it where it leads me, and I will look only on what it shows me. This day I will experience the peace of true perception.

A Course In Miracles | W-87.1:4-6