February 2024 Full Moon Update

Saturday, February 24, 4:30 am-pt

Today’s Snow Moon invites you to look at what you are manifesting with every thought you have. What you pay attention to, grows. And this moon energy will expand whatever you are creating! What fears are coming up for you right now? It’s important to have a look because… you are all powerful. How you use that power – unintentionally or on purpose, is up to you.

The strength of this moon is eminence! You will be taken deeper into whatever you are manifesting in this moment. You have been conditioned to make fear bigger, then attempt to run away from it. These repetitive motions create lots of ongoing pain.

What causes suffering is not what you or someone else is doing or has done. Suffering is the effect of your perception of yourself and others. If your mind is stuck in the judgment of attack thoughts (which includes guilt, feeling offended or frustrated), more will come your way. The intensity of this moon’s alignment with the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, is magnifying everything. It’s the perfect time to gently release thoughts of attacking, being attacked, and any sense of loss or lack. Using your breath, by softly… releasing these thoughts with forgiveness and loveRepeat whenever you notice them showing up, again and again.

The logical influence of Virgo, encourages an examination of where you are exposing yourself to unhealthy conditions. This is a time to take an inventory of the habits you may be stuck in that holds onto unhappiness. What you think, grows.

Taking an honest look at what you are creating, exposes the truth about how you are living. You are invited to use this moon to shift any unhappy space into wide open joy. You have all the strength to move your state of mind to the brilliant direction that unifies us all.

I could see peace instead of this (ACIM W-34). It is sooo much easier to align in balance, experience harmony, and accept joy.

If I did not think I would not exist, because life is thought. Let me look on the world I see as the representation of my own state of mind. I know that my state of mind can change. And so I also know the world I see can change as well.
A Course In Miracles, W-54.2:2-6

Peace & Joy, Rev. Coleen


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