Your Personal Wholeness

Where does healing begin? Choosing to expand your consciousness is your destiny. The time to wake up has arrived! I invite you to broaden your awareness of your power while deepening your state of being whole. Joining Will, Spirit, Heart, and Body as one, awakens truth.

We are all the divine energy of Creation. Our evolving consciousness is at the centre of our happiness. Through these coaching conversations, we shift habitual thinking to intentional practice. This Path of Peace teaches how to allow Balance, accept Harmony, and embrace your vital role in Creation.

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Discovery Conversation

This complimentary session is a space to meet and explore a path that fits your growth in the present moment. Join me to discover what’s flowing in your life and where there might be blockages.

My gift to you


Learning to bring Love’s Balance into your life is the first step on the Path of Peace. Wholeness Coaching begins by exploring the path you’re currently travelling shows you what there is to learn from today’s challenges and struggles. Once you experience these lessons, Love’s Balance broadens your direction, leading straight to Harmony.

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As you practice balance, life begins to flow, and Harmony evolves. Your state of mind transforms from habitual thinking to intentionally choosing to see things differently. Coaching support strengthening your practices, informing your choices for change. You are Love, walking a Path of Peace that only you can define. Commitment to your wholeness takes on a way of its own.

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Creation is the Love where Peace abides. And you are Love, pure and simple. When you allow Balance and accept Harmony, the natural rhythm of Creation opens before your very eyes. Your new knowing flows with each present moment, supporting your ability to feel the oneness of life. Embracing creation as one energy provides a wide-open understanding that what you give, is exactly what you receive. As the ocean demonstrates, giving is a cycle of movement without resistance, a motion of pure healing.

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A Miracle Path

A support community for students of A Course In Miracles.

Whether you are a seeker or a student of love, A Miracle Path is a place of ongoing enlightenment. There are many paths of truth, all leading to the same place. A Course In Miracles is one, as a self study psychological re-training of a thought system based on fear, for a thought system base in Love. This circle supports the spiritual growth provided by A Course In Miracles and supportive learning modalities. We gather online two Saturdays a month. Everyone is welcome so please invite like-minded friends. Contact me to join us for a complimentary session!

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